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"No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time.
It is just that others are behind the time”

Martha Graham 1892 - 1991


Reverse Plexiglass Paintings

Reverse Glass Painting


Ray Brown is considered very talented at placing simple artist materials onto the back of glass in a way that assists the motif to gleams.  His artistic talent has been adapted to both traditional and contemporary themes providing a beautiful visual experience to an old art technique.  Verre-eglomise is named after Jean-Baptist Glomy, a French 18th Century frame maker to Louis XVI, who used the technique extensively to decorate Mirrors and Trudeau for Marie-Antoinette.

Although the finest work was carried out in the 17 th and 18 th centuries, it is much older, with early examples of E'glomise' glass decorated bowls from a tomb in Italy,
dating from the third century B.C..  E'glomise’ glass is: metal leafing, on their own or in combination, applied to the underside of a sheet of glass.

At it’s simplest a single or double line of gold leaf was laid on the glass,
protected by a layer of black paint.  This technique is still employed today for traditional prints.
At its most intricate complicated and elaborate designs can be achieved.